ZyXEL N300 NBG-418N Wireless Router: Review

Been using D-Link N150 DSL2730U router for some time. Then thought to go for a change over to better. Searched online, searched physical stores and finally stopped at ZyXEL 418n with 300 Mbps speed, 5 dBi frequency and INR 1900 + Tax. Looked fine.

The box:

zyxel n418 router
The zyxel pack. I don’t know what the lady’s expression is! 🙂

Product Specification:

WAN Interface: One port, 10/100 Mbps Auto MDI/MDIX
LAN Interface: Four port switch, 10/100 Mbps Auto MDI/MDIX
Wireless Data Transmit: up to 300 Mbps
Transfer Rate: Receive- up to 300 Mbps
Antenna: Two 5 dBi fixed antennas
Buttons: WPS and Reset buttons
Status LED Indicator: Power, LAN, WAN, WLAN, WPS
Power Supply: 5v DC, 1A
Power Consumption: 4 watt max.
Dimension: 6.38 inch w/ 4.53 inch d/ 1.3 inch h
Weight: 230 grams
System Requirement: Broadband Internet Service device (DSL/ Cable modem). Any Internet browser above Internet explorer 6.0.

Package Contents

zyxel n418 box Content
Router package contents
  • Wireless router
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • Quick start guide
  • Support CD
  • Warranty Card


  • Transmission speed – 300 Mbps
  • Antenna frequency – 5 dBi (decibels-isotropic)
  • Reasonable price – 1900 INR
  • Easy configuration
  • No disconnection for 5 – 7 hours continuous connection (obviously, my data connection was alive too)

Down points

  • No power off button
  • Requires some free space for beaming without obstacles nearby (like monitor, etc)

Product Image

zyxel n418 front
zyxel n418 Router – Front
zyxel-n418 router bottom
bottom part
zyxel n418 router - Rear left side
zyxel n418 router – antenna, wps and reset button
zyxel n418 router - Rear
zyxel n418 router – Power slot, wan & 4 lan ports
zyxel n418 router front - connected
zyxel n418 router front – connected

Testing & Observation

zyxel n418 quick properties
ZyXEL N300 N418 – quick properties
ping of zyxel n418n router
Data ping of zyxel 418n router
zyxel 418n  n300 router speed meter
ZyXEL 418n router speed meter

Well, as pointed in the highlights; configuration was really easy. For newbie or non-techie person, the support CD might help. But you can get access to the user interface by and then username as ‘admin‘ and default password is ‘1234‘. To set password for Wi-Fi, go to Wireless LAN under Network navigation menu on the left and key-in your favorite password in ‘Pre-Shared Key‘ textbox and click ‘Apply‘. That’s done. For better receptivity, keep the two antennas in ‘Y’ shape non-parallel (didn’t get this point, why it so!).

As far as the speed is concerned, it rendered 144 Mbps, pinging without any data loss and data download up to 3.55 Mbps but these numerals really works when our internet DSL connection goes hand-in hand, no bottle neck situation. I tested with 512 Kbps bandwidth with 2 Mbps connection speed (a happy speed deal when you’re in India). Connecting with higher bandwidth data connection proved better result in speed and streaming; bad of me that I couldn’t make out for testing and their screenshots. Anyways, you need not to worry all about these. This router, ZyXel NBG 418n is works fine without any hitches.

Connected with laptop, Apple iPhone 4s and Samsung Jelly bean Android mobile phones proved its speed and the upload as well as download (watching streaming video) ability.

Signal Strength

zyxel nbg n418 signal strength
ZyXEL nbg n418 signal strength

In the above screenshot series,

  • Top most: ~6 feet away same room. 82% strength
  • Second one: ~15 feet away with a wall in-between. Direct drop to 42%
  • The last: ~30 feet in a closed room 2 walls in-between. Receptivity was fluctuating from 34% – 38%

Though the Wi-Fi antenna gain was low at 34% – 38%, audio streaming (gaana.com) was smooth without buffering. It’s due to the dual antenna and its beaming at 5 dBi. Also, the extremes of antenna gain was about -21 dBm to -80 dBm (lower is better).

Point I noted

zyxel n418 connection speed - low
ZyXEL n418 signal strength with WPA compatibility enabled
zyxel n418 router connection speed - high
ZyXEL n418 signal strength with WPA compatibility disabled

Well, this is it for now. Do let me know your experience with your routers you have used. I would be interested to test them too…

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