Zero Seconds To Learn To Use Google’s New Calling App, Duo

Google launched their video calling app Duo yesterday. The global roll-out began shortly after and India is among the first countries to get access to it. First announced in May 2016 at I/O, Google’s annual developer conference, Duo aims to be the simplest and fastest video calling app around.

Google has not done any Google account integration with this app, which means that Google Hangouts will live as a separate app with more advanced video calling features.

Duo hardly needs any time to set up. You just have to enter your phone number and a verification call will be sent to your phone, much like Facetime. Once that is done, you’re good to go.

Google is currently in direct rivalry with Facetime as they propelled their video visit application “Duo” yesterday. The application is not altogether different from other applications like Skype, Facetime, and Facebook Messenger, however, it gives the user a look at who is calling. This option helps users whether they might want to answer the call or not. They call this element ” Knock, Knock”. Have a look the video…

The Google Duo is presently accessible for free on Google Playstore and on Apple AppStore. Be that as it may, Apple devices have few highlights missing.You will see a Snapchat like screen with the front camera on. If you click on the call button, you can see the list of people. At the top are people already using Duo. Then there is a list of contacts who are not on the app, along with an option to invite them.

Google was putting forth video calling services through their Hangouts application; in any case, the organization is presently moving that service for business purposes while Duo is much less complex and solid for individual utilize. The app is at present accessible in numerous nations and is gradually taking off to everybody if you pre-registered for the download.

For more read, here is Google’s blog on Duo app release

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