XAMPP Apache not starting

If you are a multiprogramming expert and have installed Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Visual Web developer or any other similar application that has blocked the Port 80 from all other applications’ access. Basically, XAMPP control panel by default starts the Apache service using Port 80 but due to busy/ blocked port it doesn’t start and gives error like:

As a first step we can change the settings of Skype, which is most often cause for the busy/ blocked Port 80. To release the Port 80 from Skype; change the settings of:

If you have tried the above option, still could not make the Xampp Apache start then look at the program or application which is using or has block that Port 80 with the help of Cport (you can download it from the link given below).

Download Cport

Using the Cport check which application/ program is using/ blocking the port. If the situation is worse then, you might find the ‘System’ (kernel) using the Port 80. In this case we cannot do anything since its related directly to the OS’s kernel. Here’s where our small trick comes to rescue.

To Do,
find ‘httpd.conf’ file which normally resides in Xampp > apache > conf

My Xampp is placed in ‘D:\’ as you can see in the above image.


Normally, you can find this at line no.47 of ‘httpd.conf’ file.

To Change

That’s it! But be sure that you change only the line which is noted and nothing else. Right!

Now, try to start the Xampp again, and

As you can see Port 80 is still blocked by ‘System’, but our Apache is running successfully.

The Last One

From the above image, it might be clear that to run ‘localhost’ you have to type ‘localhost:90

i posted this because for past couple of days i was working online and for every bit of changes i was doing on websites (got frustrated šŸ˜‰ ), then i got idea of doing this, it worked and wanted to share this because at times our mind does not help us though we knew few alternatives. :).

Thanks Jordan for the Zip file icon!

Thanks for reading this post and as usual, Iā€™m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course).
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