Windows 10 PCs to get Windows Holographic access by 2017

Windows 10 users will be able to dive into mixed reality starting next year, with an update planned that can let any “mainstream” Windows 10 PC run the Windows Holographic shell the company first revealed in January 2015.

The update will allow users to multi-task in mixed reality environments, which combine traditional 2D Windows 10 apps with immersive, 3D graphical environments. These will be enabled via a range of “6 degrees of freedom devices,” input devices that add positional tracking to other more traditional forms of input, like clicking and pointing.

Microsoft Holographic device

The Windows team is trying to make this more broadly available, too, thanks to support for a range of Windows 10 PCs that don’t necessarily need the specs required to run full-scale VR today. As an example, Microsoft presented a video of Windows 10 Holographic running at 90 FPS on an Intel NUC, a tiny desktop PC that’s not super expensive and included integrated Intel graphics.

What is the Hologram?

Microsoft have announced, with Windows 10, that a Hologram Device will be coming out. This Windows 10 Hologram can bring virtual worlds into our own. Windows 10 will be bringing many new features and this Windows 10 feature (Hololens, a Windows 10 Hologram Device) will be the first of many. Cortana will also feature on the Hololens.

Here’s is more… Watch it.

Introduction of HoloLens from Microsoft


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