Why WordPress and not concrete5 for CMS?

Recently i got interest about learning ‘concrete5’ CMS and thought of learning it in-depth by its features offered. A lots of more features added, even more proper structured than its older versions with some native hosting plans too. But i had to step back to WordPress for few reasons, at least for the moment. I put forth the back drops i found and few thoughts of concrete5’s users.


Here is the list

computer_acceptI could not succeed concrete5’s installation for twice. It halts at about 30% progress and further no message (either success or fail). And even if few new users succeeded in reaching 100% completion but ended up in red progress bar with error asking to go back and retry.

imprintconcrete5 has very few themes available and free themes are even less and does not have promising layout and color combos.

document_text_editLacks tutorials. It is one out of many options that gives a boost to any new comers and welcome using concrete5.

database_runOne database and 166 tables. At least less than Magento but too many than its direct rival, WordPress.

apiNeeds more third-party resources to support concrete5 for added features as commented by Sufyan Bin Uzayr. And this is true! It’s that more you have added features available, the more chances of extensive implementation.

browser_window_settingsNot a cake eating job when it comes to building a concrete5 template/ theme. Inversely proportionate to WordPress.

documentationNeed to increase documentation (i hope, the community is working towards that).

source_codeIszudding Ismail states that usage and editing is tough and it is not an easy task to explain people.

firewall_settingsGreat contents like blocks/ functionality are available but not for free.

audio_knob_clockLynss. S quotes that more time has to be spent on a minimal blogging system and moreover site loading is also slow.

chat_settingsVersion control like option for editing contents in the blocks. I felt that it is not necessary for the user to name the changes/ record what changes have been made. It can be something like the WordPress does in the name of revision seems to be better, which is automatic.

owl_lite_documentZend framework is one cause for the slow down of the CMS.

user_close_informationSupport forums can be much more stronger. But this can happen when more developers get involved in and start using it in extensive ways.


Though concrete5 has some drawbacks, everyone and everything does have, concrete5 is open to explore new dimensions of CMS. It all need more developers and users; once this starts, things will start rolling smoothly. May in the near future concrete5 might takeover the WordPress popularity (I’m skeptical about that). Finally, everyone is invited to give a hands to try concrete5. Anyways, I am going to make myself available to concrete5 usage and development soon; because i’m excited to learn.

For more information www.concrete5.org

For a video presentation at vimeo by concrete5’s CTO

For more view resources visit their vimeo channel


And as usual, Thanks for reading! 🙂


Post Author: Shreyo

is a developer & involved in project management; loves to learn, guide and keep himself updated on UI/UX and WordPress. He is also an amateur photographer mostly macro shots.