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Being a web designer there is always a hunger for new styles, layouts, and all those under user interface. This hunger is calmed down for few moments or days by getting inspired by the things in and around us. Hence in a step to inspire you for your forth coming layout design, here are few websites that are listing different websites for inspiration.

CSS Design Awards

css design awards

This is one really famous website you might know or might have seen their badges on other websites sticking out from any of the corner that are short-listed.

CSS Gallery Awards

css gallery awards

Site Inspire

site inpire

I must say that out of these listed sites here ‘site inspire’ has a great filter option on its header. And this becomes very easy to focus on the type of website design we are looking for.

Best Web Gallery

best web gallery

The Best Design Website

the best design website

CSS Alive

css alive

UX Zeal

ui zeal

The above one not just lists out good websites but also, fuels it with added extra shots like logo designs and user interface (ui) items.

Few might be known to you, few new. If you know any other website(s) which are similar to these, please do specify them in the comment section. You have a website with great design, then submit your screenshot and make few more to get inspired.

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Keep sharing.

P.S: The websites’ screenshots are arranged in no specific order.


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