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user interfaceKendo UI is an HTML5, jQuery-based framework for building modern web apps. The framework features more than a dozen UI components, including a Grid and Chart, and all of the tools needed for a HTML5 app development, such as Data Binding, Templating, Drag-and-Drop API, and more. When you start building with Kendo UI, you have the core pieces you need:

  • UI widgets
  • Client-side DataSource
  • High-performance Templates
  • Data Binding
  • Drag-and-Drop API
  • Animations
  • Built-in touch support

There’s no need to manually assemble a full framework for HTML app development; Kendo UI provides all the building blocks, designed to seamlessly work together. It is not only UI, but much more like…

  • Kendo UI combines everything needed for modern JavaScript development, including rich UI Widgets, a powerful DataSource, an MVVM framework, universal Drag-and-Drop, Templates, and Themes.
  • Building on top of the popular jQuery JavaScript library, Kendo UI leverages the latest in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript web standards while still delivering broad support for all major browsers and mobile devices like iOS, Android and BlackBerry.
  • UI in the browser should be fast. From UI virtualization and blazing micro templates, to hardware acceleration, Kendo UI cuts no corners to deliver raw speed. It’s scary fast.

<<Web Demo / Mobile Demo / Theme Builder>> | <<Download>>

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