Update WordPress: Here is why [infographic]

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WordPress, a large, open source, most flexible, fit for multiple verticals of needs, easy, and blah blah blah… We can keep going. Right?! It’s about 60.8% of all the Content Management System (CMS) websites we all know. To be bit closer, Joomla is at 9%, though Drupal is quite strong with functionality but stands just at 5% and others are around 30% appx.

wordpress usage statistics
Remember this pee pu pee pu boy!?

In numbers, 76.4 million (pee pu pee pu peep 76,400,000+) website runs on WordPress. That’s a huge digit to deal with! The above two graphs are from w3techs (you could see that 😉 ) clearly states the position of WordPress till March 2015 when comparing other CMS.

Ouff, lots of numbers and figures! Coming to the point, I develop and also manage existing websites that are mostly WordPress based. Among them are portals based on city, blogs, hotels, guest house and real estate agents’ website are clients’ business verticals I come across. While developing themes and/ or plugins (not for public release), I always take care of ONE main thing, developing on the latest stable core release. You doubt WHY? This is the same reaction I get from my clients and even my co-developers (newbies). The question is all same, ‘Why should we update WordPress and its plugins? It’s running fine after all!’. My answer is, ‘Yes, it is running fine for that particular moment. By the time the development is over and ready for release there might be enhancements, changes and deprecations. Also, WordPress and other plugins release updates whenever they (the core/ plugin developers) or their users get to point out glitches in the system/ functionality or releasing new feature in the core and plugin. It is as simple as that!’, I say.

But the below infographic digs even deeper about the good reasons behind keeping your WordPress website updated as and when it (the upgrades) are released. The main concern is ‘Security’. Though very few can actually define the term ‘security’, still everybody is worried about; why not! And above that you are sometimes gifted with new UI, better resistance to attacks and on…

No more talks, enjoy the knowledge shared in the infographic and do what is next!

wordpress and plugin update

This infographic was provided by Perth Web Design

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