Unpacking Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000

This time its Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000. It is priced at INR.2300 and comes with a 3 years ‘Limited Warranty’.  In this post i’ll carry on an unboxing of Microsoft Lifecam HD-6000, especially made for notebooks and laptops.  Our first view will be the packing. The left image below, view from front face and the other one beside is side view in which you can see the webcamera is popped out of the packing. Its attractive but i don’t know how the package is safe-guarded while transportation because the container is thin. Anyhow, we got the product in full form and not to break our head on this unwanted topic.

microsoft lifecam hd6000

A step futher
Now the content of the package:

microsoft lifecam hd6000microsoft lifecam hd6000

The content displayed on the left images are:

  • Product guide
  • Warranty guide
  • Instruction manual for connection and usage
  • A nice cute pouch for carrying purpose
  • Software CD for support with multiple OS
  • Product list and its features


On the right, the product itself safely packed to prevent minor damages and scratches. On this i noticed, that Chinese has a lot of prominence in every corner of the written elements/ descriptive space.

A close-up
Now we look deep in to the product…

microsoft lifecam hd6000microsoft lifecam hd6000

microsoft lifecam hd6000microsoft lifecam hd6000

A clockwise look of the above images shows us the different angle view of our webcam. But anyhow, let me point out why they are there.

  • The top left one is the face of the webcam
  • Next beside shows us the side view which also shows us the clip of our webcam
  • Immediate below is the button to trigger MSN messenger, placed on top of our webcam
  • Last bottom left is been clipped on top of my monitor

On the last bottom left image you might think whether i wrongly clipped it. But the reality is that this webcam is made especially made for notebooks or laptops and not for desktop PCs. This is because, the clip system which you saw above fits/ grips in to a thinner area and not even to an normal LED desktop display unit. There is a risk of falling even though an angle on the webcam gripped my monitor. Anyways, i managed to fix it in another way using an old photo frame, that’s about 1.5 cm thickness and it calmly sat on it. šŸ˜‰

Highlighted Features

  • True 720p HD
  • Auto Focus
  • True Color technology
  • 360 degree lens rotation
  • Noise cancellation microphone

Happy reasons of buying

  • Clear glass lens
  • Auto focus
  • Metal body
  • in-built microphone
  • HD video capture
  • Software has option of variant image and video resolution capturing
  • Funny effects bundled with the software (useful while chatting with friends šŸ™‚ )
  • Short cable, for easy portability

I didn’t like

  • The holding clip design, could have been something better
  • Felt like a bit yellowish color before installation of the software given, but later it was just fine
  • Though this one comes with a software CD, the auto-setup option downloads and then installs (i didn’t understand why)
  • Proper room lighting might help you to capture good clarity of images and videos else it’s most of the time noise is visible. I hope that this will render a great capture when you are in outdoor (by any chance, if you’re…)
  • Cable short of length. At some point we might need a longer

microsoft lifecam hd-6000

The above image i captured using webcam. Thinking how i did? It’s simple as pointing the webcam towards your monitor.

My Conclusion
I’m happy with the product while comparing others which i had seen and used earlier; i know that its the time and technological gap between the previous ones and now, but while pointing out the quality, the manufacture is delivering this one is a step ahead of other with a reasonable product price at this moment. But I will recommend this webcam only for those who are going to connect with notebook or laptops; better not for a desktop PC.

Thanks for reading this post and as usual, Iā€™m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course).
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