Unboxing Samsung S22B370

samsung s22b370Today i got Samsung SyncMaster S22B370 LED monitor; cost is INR9,100. In this post, I’ll post my photos while unboxing it and a petite review on how it is.

The packed box is about 4kgs but the actual weight is about 1.8kgs with good amount of thermacol. On the box, information like model name, hdmi, eco saving, magic angel, mega dynamic contrast and series have been printed all over its body but as of my opinion it misses the information about the box content. The packing was good enough to withstand slight jerks that could damage the display unit.

 samsung s22b370 

The above pictures show Contents

  • the display unit
  • power adapter
  • power adapter’s cable
  • display unit base
  • unit base stalk
  • a software CD
  • a VGA cable


Now the Rear of this display unit,

samsung s22b370 samsung s22b370

Sorry about the blurry picture (i don’t know what went wrong šŸ™ ). The above top image shows the connectivity options which have a power connectivity port, HDMI port and a VGA port; the below on is for locking or safeguarding, its a Kensington lock which might be useful for locking the unit in public places (well, one good option indeed).


Let’s talk about the Features

samsung s22b370 samsung s22b370

The sticker was on the left side of the display unit, i replace it on the right side for some visibility problem. Well, highlighted features are:

  • Mega dynamic contrast
  • Magic angle
  • ECO saving (i like this feature) šŸ™‚
  • HDMI



Power consumption is about 30 watt when unit is on and 0.3 watt on stand-by mode. This is possible on because of the LED’s energy efficiency.

Assembling is quite easy and be sure you hold or place the display unit in a proper position since the width is just 1.25 inch (appx.)

White is at its purity, colors are just perfect to its level. Make sure you tweak the display settings to fit your environment lighting. You can do this from the OSD controls, i had to play with the gamma which i did it from Menu->Color->Gamma – Mode2 (Mode1 is the default one).

Regarding the brightness, i used Custom setting since i was not happy with the pre-defined options (may be my room lighting didn’t suit šŸ˜€ )

Adjusting the view angle was very smooth due to the smooth swivel, didn’t expect to be so smooth.

Multi-display option shift on OSD.



The Missings

HDMI cable, which i bought it separately, you can see on the very top image. Samsung should have given it in the box. Be sure that you get a cable ends to be straight and not a ‘L’ shaped one, because the HDMI port behind the display unit is place quite in-depth and i had to struggle with that but i thought of a replacement of HDMI cord instead of damaging the costly part.

A strength or support behind the connector are not good and when you press the cord or wire against port the connecting part is pushed inside. So, it good to be careful when connecting.

You need a screw-driver to tighten stand connector/ stalk with the base. It would have been better if Samsung had provided a screw with handle, might have been much easier then.



Handling the display unit while assembling.

Install the software given with the unit.


Device Driver

You can download the device driver from here. File size: 240mb. Source: Original driver CD accompanied with the samsung display unit



Overall, I’m satisfied by the product and its quality. After all, its Samsung that stands on its distinguished name on display units. It’s good for graphical and non-graphical works, because the color rendering is smooth and good to work without any irritation to eyes.


Thanks for reading this post and as usual, Iā€™m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course).
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Post Author: Shreyo

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  • himanshu

    today i bought a same led monitor but there is no display on my led screen after conneting vga cables one on the back of led monitor and other end on cpu..
    i am jst getting as message on a screen saying ” hdmi” ,”analog”..
    help plz..

    • hi himanshu,
      look for the display shift button on the OSD; an icon with an arrow within a box beside ‘Auto’. this display shift is useful for dual processing units.
      also, be sure that the VGA connector is been plugged properly at both the end; loose conduct might sometime cause these type of mishaps.
      hope this helps you

  • Shailesh Joshi

    Hi, I bought the same Samsung 22” LED two days ago. The problem is that it keeps turning off by itself with corner red light blinking. Today morning, same thing happened but the corner red light also went off permanently and was not getting power at all. Now suddenly after 10hrs it is getting power and showing display also…. What could be the problem…???

    Pls help me out on…..

    • hello Shailesh,
      the initial blinking can be due to ram. if you know how to remove the ram then, you can do it and clean the connecting area. often dust is the culprit.
      but when you’re pointing out the power problem then it might be a loose conduct either in the plug point or behind the display unit. it the connector from the adapter is loose at the display end give it a bit more push. it’ll be alright.
      finally, if its not the matter of loose conduct, better check with your service center/ shop where you bought it from.
      feel free to revert back with your solution which will be helpful to others too… šŸ™‚

  • murrali

    sir, i want to know i bought a samsung monitor sync master s22B370 h.
    i want to know the correct settings of the monitor. because i dont know how much contrast and brightness and sharpness etc. please reply me to my mail id as quick as possible. because when i watch movies in my monitor there was a negative that means colour contrast and picture angle is not clear. when i saw the movie while i sleep to watch the movie but the movie contrast was not good for watch .

    • as per my room’s lighting i kept brightness to ‘Eco Saving on’, Contrast – 30 & sharpness – 60.
      if you’re not comfortable with these settings then you have to spend time on setting them from the menu osd. you could even try magic angle option and test if it fits your regular view position.
      hope this helps you!