Twitter, Please don’t follow me

Its a social networking era now and became intense when Facebook entered in the spotlight. People swarmed-in, corporates and other business houses found lots of potential gain over this boom, especially, reach the right consumer or customer directly. And as everyone know, this did happen. We started seeing advertisement of products which we use or might have searched for.

Now, here comes Twitter on tracking based on its users’ recent website visits for targeted ads. Twitter said that they are, “experimenting with new ways of targeting ads”. Twitter considers options like the ‘Follow’ buttons and social widgets on websites to track the place it is logged in, go after they leave Twitter, but now Twitter is serious. Hope you know that Twitter actually started experimenting with off-site tracking long ago (may be about a year or so).

Well, on to the point now
If you are concerned with your privacy and do not want Twitter not to follow or track you and your foot steps, just follow the below screenshots to opt-out of tracking.

disable twitter tracking

Login to your account and go down to your account ‘Setting’. Then find these two options below and un-check both. By default, they are checked.

disable twitter tracking

If you have not set ‘Do Not Track’ request from your browser, you will find you settings like one above and if you have set then something like the below. A green tick mark with ‘Do Not Track’. If you want to set Do Not Track Us website has the instruction for all the major browsers. Please follow the same.


Once un-checked, ‘Save’. That’s it. You’re out of the tracking track.

One very good thing with Twitter is that, the tracking has been put as an optional settings unlike mandatory Facebook advertisements. Finally, it’s totally upto you to allow Twitter to track you (for your advantage, of course) or jump out of the tracking ship and sail with your own boat with your beloved Twitter. Yet, for business houses this will be an super option for direct consumer targeting. I am saying this because, few days ago, I read an article about the Twitter conversion rate links hit (sorry, but I don’t really remember where 🙁 ). Its about 85% positive.

Okay, no more talks but

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    really nice information you have in there 🙂 .. keep it up and help us stop those ads tracker tracking us..