Top 20 free fonts for professional design : Part I

A right font for design is very important as it has the power to change the way a design piece looks. Creating typography is an art. Similarly every designer need to master the way to choose fonts for their works.

Fonts do have feelings and they convey the same emotion for which message is displayed on the medium.

Some fonts are serious, some are funny, some remind us kids and childhood, some are real corporate and professional by the art of typography. After all, fonts has the ability to make an impact on our design. Since typography has so important role on our design work; designers generally pay a lot of time and attention in choosing the right fonts we use in all our designs.

The below are few fonts chosen with care that you might love and use in your next design.
Let’s have a look at the fonts:

Esqadero FF

esqadero free font
Sergiy Tkachenko created Esqadero FF CY 4F free font with Cyrillic, that supports Bulgarian and Serbian Cyrillic.
Font download link: Font files
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exo sans free font download
Portuguese graphic and type designer Natanael Gama created this font and released it for free in kickstarter project. And in no time this font become famous that led the creator to completely redesign the font. We can use this font for web projects from google fonts.
Link: Exo in Google fonts | Download font files

Exo 2.0

exo free font
The result of redesign was Exo version 2.0. This version promises more legibility, more contrast and organic look without losing the aesthetics of the font.
Link: Exo2.0 in Google font | Download font files
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aspergit font
Aspergit, a basic sans-serif crisp and thin font to fit corporate designs. There are 6 different weights available. Font is developed by Paulo R.
Link: Download font files
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born font download
Born is based on traditional calligraphic forms and humanistic typeface. The main advantage of this font is the legibility (readability) is high even at smaller sizes. Moreover, there are about 250+ glyphs of regular uppercase, lowercase, numerals, symbols, etc.
Link: Download the font files
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download sifonn font
Sifonn a very basic clear font right for bold titles.
Link: Download with a tweet
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download anson font files
Inspired by Avro Anson, a British twin-engine, multi-role aircraft that served with the Royal Air Force, Fleet Air Arm, Royal Canadian Air Force and many other air forces before, during, and after the Second World War. The font is clear, with the most required glyphs for a design.
Link: Direct download fonts
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download link for porto font
Porto was born to be part of a logo design but it didn’t turn to be what was needed; this what the author says on his creation. Porto typeface has only uppercase, numerals and punctuations. No lowercase. Still, the font seems to aid during title and other not very important phrases.
Link: Pay with a tweet
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santor font
Santor (pronounced /center/) is a typeface inspired by simplicity, subtle curves and sharpness. Each character is given a unique look so that it’s easy to distinct them when they are put together. Suitable for headlines, large text. There are some standard ligatures included.
Link: Download santor font
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musket font
Musket is a robust and slightly condensed slab serif perfect for heading and optimized for small sizes. Musket font is free for personal and commercial use but prohibited from unauthorized distribution and sale. You can even donate for the font.
Link: Download/ Donate for Musket font
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Well, this is the list of 10 fonts for your creative professional design. The next will be coming soon. Till then…

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