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Malware that may cause Google to blacklist your website – Update

Are you facing the issue of Google blacklisting your or your clients’ website? Yes? I too experienced the same. Then you must probably look for this below blocks of code. The bad code! >:o The code, what possibly does is redirects to a non-existing website address/ link which causes the affected website to get blacklisted […]

Jquery Conflict

Well, I’m happy that I’m back with a small topic. It’s very often that while working with multiple Jquery framework we end-up in conflicting those jquery framework; means when we want to run some application smoothly, the loaded jquery frameworks start fighting among themselves and attains a deadlock state. I’m using jquery tabs UI for […]

XAMPP Apache not starting

If you are a multiprogramming expert and have installed Microsoft Visual Studio or Microsoft Visual Web developer or any other similar application that has blocked the Port 80 from all other applications’ access. Basically, XAMPP control panel by default starts the Apache service using Port 80 but due to busy/ blocked port it doesn’t start […]

Warning: session_start()

Today while creating a WordPress plugin, i got an error when I activated it. Although this was not the first time i was developing a plugin for WordPress, but the error was there and seemed as if my plugin is conflicting with another plugin called Membership Pro. The error was: Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send […]