tools for web design

Tools I use during Website Development

In this post we are going to discuss about the tools I use during website design and development process. This involves many tools, most of them are installation and few tools are addons and few available online. All right, I start listing out them with bit of information and link (if available online). The very […]

adobe edge reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow (experimental) – after use review

Few days ago I decided to try Adobe Edge Reflow after introductory and tutorial videos on Youtube (I’ve listed the links) I was pretty much interested to try my hands on Adobe’s new product. And here is what felt about it. Presentation Introduction Tutorial Core Well, after getting impressed by the presentation and tutorials, I […]

How to create tabbed widget in WordPress

Ever wondered about how to create a tabbed widget for the wordpress sidebar? Milan Petroic explains the basic idea behind, followed by a brief explanation to do a simple but effective tabbed widget in WordPress using Tabber plugin here are smashing magazine. Link: Download tabber plugin from here P.S: Featured image courtesy: Smashing magazine

3D using CSS3

This post is not like one as a regular. I have thought of sharing some really interesting external links like this one from now onward. Have you ever questioned the ablitiy or extensibility of your HTML5, CSS or CSS3 code? And if you’ve ever thought that HTML5, CSS or CSS3 ends to website or web […]

useful links

Useful links: Part 1

Mockup Designer – A super-easy-to-use mockup tool- Holmes, a stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class- Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes and much more user-friendly- Rainbow, a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript- Visual Effects with CSS3 […]


A Simple Cufon tutorial

Cufon text, a way to display different, stylish typos on to your web page/ website. Because, in Web design, also in User Interface design fonts play a major role in beautification of the whole design layout. In the Web 2.0 almost every website is rendered with nice fonts so that the whole website looks beautiful […]

Its Live, Online

Here is an amazingly simple and functional script that all web designers/developers will probably start using instantly. Live.js, one script closer to designing in the browser. Once included to a web page, auto-refreshes it automatically if there is an update to the files used. Simply, when you are editing your HTML, CSS or JS code, […]