Set larger Google Plus Profile cover picture

Hello everyone, google has introduced the a larger cover picture recently. Hence, through the below screenshots i put down the steps to set larger google plus profile cover picture.

Step 1:

Login to your google plus account and click on the ‘Profile’ icon on the left which will bring you the below screen with option of upgrading the google plus cover picture.


Step 2:

Once you see the above screen click on the ‘Update yours now’ link to get the image gallery as shown below.


Step 3:

From the gallery page, you can either use the default google plus cover picture, or upload yours, or select images from your existing album or from the old cover picture gallery which you had used previously. One of  these options can selected from the left side menu as shown in the above screenshot.


Step 4:

Once you got your desired picture, google will ask you to crop the picture like the above screenshot. Click and drag the bounding box as per your wish and then click on ‘Save’. And there ends your process.


Step 5:

View your gPlus profile and your selected picture will be look like the above screenshot. and you’re happy now! 🙂


As usual, Thanks for reading! Keep commenting.


Post Author: Shreyo

is a developer & involved in project management; loves to learn, guide and keep himself updated on UI/UX and WordPress. He is also an amateur photographer mostly macro shots.