Samsung Galaxy S4 and its features

In the recent times smartphones have flooded the mobile phone market. And in this world of competition nothing interests if there is no war between two; the competitors were Apple, Samsung, Nokia & HTC (not too much, but), Blackberry with their respective operating system on their devices. And finally, an intense, heated discussion (you may call it a war) started between Apple and Samsung! Do you remember any other names going to that extent? Probably no, possibly yes!

The short-up!
Every mobile phone user has their own likes/ dislikes and do/ don’t of their mobile phone features. Let’s leave it to them. It is known and definite that Apple’s iPhone has out-sold Samsung smartphone of similar features. But Samsung seems to be working tirelessly to beat Apple iPhone. You ask, ‘How?’. Here it is the new Samsung Galaxy S4’s features that run behind its screen. Take a look.

samsung galaxy s4


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  • SelvaKumar1

    some may say “This is an internet world”, but i would say “we have crossed the internet world, This is APP world Now” .. nice keep going .. (Y)

    • probably, you’re right. there are more apps per users with smartphones.