Responsive Website Design (RWD) Vs Responsive Design Server Side Components (RESS)

It was the time, when we started using smartphones with the ability to display websites and web pages along with the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) / Internet/ WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) that went hand-in hand; the need for mobile specific website design came into existence. From then on the mobile platform and mobile and mobile device specific designs had no turn backs. The design (particularly websites) which targeted mobile and/ or mobile devices we call it, ‘Responsive Website Design (RWD). There has been a huge (i’d prefer to say, drastic) development of technologies and other supportive tools came into existence and the same will be even more in the near future. But, simply designing and building a mobile specific websites doesn’t work now-a-day. What??? Yes, there are other issues that are needed to addressed off even before designing a website for mobile and mobile devices.

So What?!

This is where the below infographic comes to the lime light. It points out new way of attacking the problem. Right. This concept of responsive web design is just a part in the designing and building process, but what is also necessary is the need to look at the server level. You ask me, why? Your answer is here…


responsive website design vs responsive server side component

Hope this infographic clarifies the benefits of practicing responsive design and using components at server side to deliver a best mobile/ mobile device web experience. Because we are now become too impatient :). So that you and your clients can stick their bulbus oculi (sorry, i meant eyeballs) on your mobile website(s).

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  • SelvaKumar1

    once again a great post by Shreyo ..

  • burnetandy79

    As the volume of mobile and tablet search traffic grows, companies are realising more and more how important it is to have a website that is tailored to a variety of screen resolutions. Responsive web design is an art that is only now starting to be refined.  Responsive design is necessary for a successful website. The post is very useful. While designing a site several points must be kept in mind and the most important one is to keep in mind the users and their needs. major requirement these days is to design a website which is easily accessible on smartphones too. So to be a successful designer, design the platform independent website. 

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    Responsive web design is essential now a days because almost half of searches are from smart phones or other devices therefore every webmaster should be conscious about responsive website design and in this scenario your shared points are very helpful and effective to understand the technicalities of responsive. Every webmaster should concentrate on this thing now to get fast benefits.