We The People


This is a simple long expression and feeling of the events We see, We do, We react. Please do not take it personal but enjoy it. At points, you may feel down but its a dark joke that applies on everyone, you, me… But no guilty feel!

Let’s travel by road first, we do all sorts of stretching and work-out very specifically while we are driving our two wheeler or even sometimes on four wheeler.

On Road

We have the ability to show all types of stunts and free shows on road. We do use sound horns on road.
But we use our vehicle horn, sometime horns, for irritating others on the road, get attention from others. Also, very often we experience a long honking just to call their housemate from downstairs. The reason of pointing out this is the lethargic attitude towards others and/ or neighborhoods feeling disturbed, sometimes even their housemate. Still we love to do so.

If you’re a new to Indian roads, be sure when you drive; just keep flowing with the traffic else you’ll land into trouble. Its because, we have our ‘own’ format of rules that, we, ourselves don’t follow but expect other to follow traffic rules.

The Struggle

credit to Sankaranand (my office peer) for the above stanza. 🙂

At one end people struggle for their daily bread and the other, it has becomes a facebook status.

We strain ourselves till mid-night during and/or on the eve of election time. Not because by doing some sort of social activities but for trying to fill our pocket with the begged money from the political parties without realizing that the 1000% and even more of the same amount is/ will be slipping below our pants. But you know what, we do realize that something went wrong under our feet. But it’s always too late when felt; the scams and corruptions, on what we struggle, cry and abuse for help but no one to listen then. It is because the figure who bribed you 0.001% is on top and the same becomes deaf while listening to his citizens.

As usual the extras

We feel really bad when one of our country celebrity gets detained in foreign country but not for our own family member so much. Awkward but funny at the same time.

The End

We call ourselves Indian, but we don’t understand what our boundaries really are.

whatever happens, the tri-color shall fly. No one can ever stop heart of our nation, which believes in itself. And we got freedom at midnight, now it is. We have woken up. And united we stand, no one can destroy us. India is our mother and no one can scar her. whatever happens, this land, our ancestors lived and fought for and we shall do the same for our future. we are the people of India and we will protect her.