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Feeling happy and awkward at the same time when you read that Free Hosting for WordPress? I too felt something like that but Its TRUE. When thinking about free hosting few things like the low quality, ads takeover advertisement and sometimes becomes difficult to rely on them. But when the free hosting is from WPDensity you don’t need to worry about. Its Free means FREE for WordPress. WPDensity is a real fascinating project which got its start from the contribution through IndieGoGo with a funding target of $15,000. These contributions are directly poured into the WPDensity project alone. This project is brought to us and backed by Nodeki which provides WordPress paid hosting in a different way than others.

WPDensity quotes

WPDensity is set to launch as the first Free WordPress Hosting Solution that provides complete account access and real support to each of our members. We know that free hosting solutions have a bad reputation for being unreliable, insecure, overcrowded, and slow; we’re looking to change this by providing our members with a truly optimized, fine-tuned WordPress Hosting solution that’s not only reliable, secure, well-managed, and speedy, but one that our members can actually trust with their data.

The project is hoping for at least 50% of the targeted fund to offer an really impressive set of features for free of cost like

  • 3GB RAID-Protected Storage
  • Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
  • Fast, Friendly, Caring Support
  • Full Access to MySQL Databases(s)
  • Access to phpMyAdmin to Manage MySQL DB’s
  • Access to DNS & MX Records for Modification
  • Secure Access to Website Data via SFTP & FTPS
  • OP-Code (APC) and In-Memory (MemCache) Caching
  • Litespeed Powered Web Server w/ Litespeed Caching
  • Affordable Upgrades, Add-On’s, and Extended Services
  • Secure & Isolated Environment w/ Reasonable Resource Limits (CPU & RAM)
  • Host an Existing Domain or Choose a Sub-Domain (i.e.
  • Instant Account Setup
  • One-Click WordPress Installation
  • One-Click WordPress Data & Database Backups
  • Ability to Clone a WordPress Installation
  • Google Apps Pre-Configured (GMail)
  • CPanel Control Panel

The Possibility
The funded $15000 will be put into the first year operation cost for a clog free start. To know more about the place where the fund will be used, visit IndieGoGo

The Alternate is presently the largest free WordPress hosting provider. Though it gives free hosting there are couple of limitations which sometimes becomes difficult for the site we hosted. Moreover, we don’t have an access to the database for some simple operations such as exporting or manual optimization of the database.

Apart from others
WPDensity promised to allow for more control over your own WordPress installation and will have zero forced ads so that your site is entirely yours. And also, members will have no restriction over the usage of plugin and theme, yet have complete access to MySQL databases.

Its time now
Now, its our turn to contribute to a better world and WPDensity is towards that.

What can we do?

  • contribute to their project through IndieGoGo and Dwolla if you wish to contribute $10 or less than that.
  • follow the team on twitter
  • like them in facebook

Thanks for reading this post and as usual, Iā€™m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course).
Do comment on! And if possible do contribute. šŸ™‚


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