How to update Windows 8 to 8.1?

Recently Windows had released its Windows 8.1 update. Few were able to upgrade their Operating System and started enjoying new features. But however, there are few users weren’t lucky enough do the same. Hence below are few steps to follow for updating your Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.

Step 1:
Visit Microsoft Windows website and down the installer according to your Operating System architecture/ version. It’s about 13Mb.
2871389 windows updatewindows 8 update downloader

Step 2:
Once downloaded, open the downloaded file and wait for the dialog box to check if this update is installed in your PC/ tablet already or not. If installed it will notify with message and if not the update will get downloaded and updater

Step 3:
Once you get the success message of the 2871389 update, go to Windows Store and you will see something like the below screenshot. Click it and you get be taken to the details section of Windows 8.1 update. This one is about 3.3Gb appx. Yes, 3Gb! 🙂
windows storewindows 8.1 update details

Step 4:
Now, its you to decide whether to install or not. Obviously you will be upgrading it.

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