Google search on your Mobile

Everyone knows that Google is the one of the Top Search Engine on World Wide Web (Internet).
We search and get get results in a matter of milliseconds just by typing our search word in the Google search box and hitting either ‘Google Search’ or ‘I am Feeling Lucky’. This is the method most of us do when we are on Google search engine page to find what we are searching for.

You need to search something on Google, but, what will you do when you don’t have an Internet connection or a GPRS facility on your mobile?
Not to worry! Google has worked for this trick to search Google without Internet through Mobile. All you need is a mobile phone with which you can send SMS (Short Message Service).

Just SMS “Your Search Query” to 9-77-33-00000 from your mobile phone and within few minutes you will receive the search results matching your query from Google in your inbox.
This service is FREE of Cost from Google but you will be charged (as per standard message rates of your network operator ) for sending messages.
So it is a simple Trick to Search Google without Internet through Mobile.

For complete into visit: Google Mobile

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