Google Plus’s new User Interface (UI) to talk about

Its been a day since Google I/O conference held; and the next day, the world experiences a completely new makeover of its social network site ‘Google Plus’ user interface. User Interface/ User eXperience (UI/UX), this is something we should talk about. Believing that you all remember the comments from the internet critics about the huge white spaces all around the profile and its updates of Google Plus interface. They said

Why there’s so much empty space?
Is the space is going to be filled by adverting?
and many more…

It rings my bell that some even comically said,

Does google wants us to play around this wide space?

Anyways, Google often succeeds to show ‘Who is the BOSS?’

But to be true to you all, I too suspected, ‘why so much space?’. But Google had some other plan for its social networking venture and unlike Facebook it (Google Plus team) did not fill its available space with advertisements 🙄 . Later, Google introduced the option of larger profile cover picture. I had even posted the steps to do set the cover photo for your profile. You can find the post here – Set larger google plus profile cover picture. Well, it went for few months and look here, another refreshed user interface from google plus.

Let’s have a look at screenshots
google plus new interface
This interface is for a logged in account. It’s clean, filling up the available space in an intelligent way ;). Notice the left sidebar, it does not stay there but toggles with slide effect on hovering the ‘Home’ icon above.

google plus user interface
On this next screenshot, let’s have a look at the middle ‘menu’ like section; those are all your circles. This brings the latest updates of that particular circle; even more is on the top left side block displays other members of this current circle.

google plus social networking interface
Now, click on the ‘More’ you get to see your circles (custom created). And more interesting the ‘Stream Layout’. This acts more like a ‘grid view’ and ‘list view’ type. The left icon is the display like we had a glance at our above screenshots. The next, beside icon make the posts (streams) in a list view like below.

google plus streams list view
This view is also displayed for smaller screens and you might be thinking about the sidebars. They are all toggled. For people, photos, communities, settings, etc. find them under the ‘Home’ option and you want to chat? Then click ‘Hangout’ the another sidebar will slide from the right which will be like…

google plus home options and hangout user interface

The Reason for blabbering so much
The point is:

  • clear use of space
  • unambiguous usage of colors (as usual the four favorite colors of Google 😉 )
  • defined block layout for clear/ quick view (seems to be very much inspired by Microsoft’s Metro UI :D)
  • this user interface or layout, whatever you may call it. Google puts down a clear message that User Interface designing is not only creating layouts and looks but also the ways how the user interface is going to work. (soon be posting something specific about this)


  • I am in an ambiguous state of understanding is the mixture of Pinterest layout and Microsoft’s Metro UI. 😕 😐
  • I am interested on Google plus (as usual) and looking for more surprises from google in the near future.

Though the refreshed user interface is not only applicable to Google Plus only, but also for Google Now, Google Offers, Google Earth integration, a new navigation features come to Google Maps. And once again Google showed who is the King of Cartography!

And as usual, thanks for reading,
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Post Author: Shreyo

is a developer & involved in project management; loves to learn, guide and keep himself updated on UI/UX and WordPress. He is also an amateur photographer mostly macro shots.