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Very recently, one of my office colleague posted a query in Facebook that how to export or get Gmail mail to a document. So, i thought it will be better if i post the method/ steps to export. Actually, i read this in a blog a big long time back, but unfortunately, i don’t remember the site/ link for back linking.
This post i’ve inserted images for easier understanding.

Let’s go,

Step 1
Login to your Gmail account and go to https://mail.google.com/mail/#settings/labs

Step 2
gmail settings
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Step 3
gmail export mail
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The step 3 will export the email to google docs and from there you could save it any format like .Doc or .Pdf.

Step 4

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To save the email to your local computer, you could use the ‘File’, ‘Download As’ to Microsoft 97-2003 Word document (*.Doc) or OpenDocument Format (*.Odt) or Rich Text Format (*.Rtf) or PDF Document (*.Pdf) or Plain Text Document (*.Txt) or even in Zip format. Choose your format and enjoy!

Hope this helps you to export mails Gmail account.

Thanks for reading this post and as usual, I’m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course).
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