Demographics, Social Network & its Population

There are 37% of the world’s population on social media (that’s 2.8 billion people), and keeping an eye on who’s doing what on which social platforms can be helpful to businesses, according to a handy infographic by Tracx, a social media management platform.

The infographic consolidates user demographics across 7 largest social networks which are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Reddit.

The infographic shows that morethan 50% of social media users are on only one or two platforms. This will help businesses to figure out the right place to find their customers/ consumers.

Facebook is exceptional in reaching Millennials and Gen X, with the latter spending almost 7 hours/week on social media, whereas Pinterest users are spread evenly across most age groups which the infographic puts in black & white.

And eventhough 53% of Instagram users mostly follow a brand, people referred by a Pinterest link are 10% more likely to make an e-commerce purchase than those referred by other social networks.

To see who is on Twitter, why not push sales on Reddit and more info on social media, find out from the infographic:

infographic of top social networks numbers

P.S: Thanks to Tracx


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