Clippy, the Microsoft Office Agent is BACK!

Remember those good old day when we used to play with Clippy, the clip, or Links, the cat or its friends in Microsoft Office Agent. I really missed them all. Believe you too might be… But not anymore.

Yes, you heard it right! Clippy is here with us again in JS (javascript) form. Clippy.js a javascript program that created the Microsoft Agents which can be integrated to your website(s). This Clippy.js is brought back to you by SMORE.COM. ‘Basically, it’s a collection of multiple animation sets’, explains


  • Play agent animation
  • Talk to the visitor
  • Ability to move around the web page
  • Not happy with one agent, call everyone and play with them

No more talks. Let’s play with our favorite agent at Clippy.Js @ Smore

To embed your favorite agent to your site grab the code from Github Repository.

And since it’s the age of open source, you can download Clippy.js source from Clippy.Js Github

I know that you’ve become impatient to play with Clippy. Well, let’s zooommm…..

P.S: Microsoft, Microsoft Office are registered trademark of Microsoft

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  • SelvaKumar1

    yeah i really miss them too .. Thanks for the info..