How clean our gadgets are?

I found this infographics in my downloads and my mind sparked, ‘why not to put it as a post?!#’. Well, here I am. This infographics educates how much we are dirty. Yes, dirty. Dirty while we are in and around our house and its appliances. I have heard that toilet seats are much cleaner than our computer keyboards. And that (information) was right indeed. Even more surprising is that the switches, Wii accessories, remotes are filled with filthy bacteria and viruses. I also read (don’t really remember where) that doctors (i’m sorry doc. but its truth) are one stop shop for easy spreading all sorts of infections. Reason is, they (doctors) work with/ come to contact with different peoples, treat different issues and handle different equipments (i know, that’s their job) 😐 . Moreover, I even saw few fellas keeping their smoke on the keyboard. All I could react is ‘Oh my gosh!!’ *face palm* 🙂

All Right, go further and find out yourselves about how dirty (oops, i mean your surrounding) is…

gadgets and us

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