google plus

Google Plus’s new User Interface (UI) to talk about

Its been a day since Google I/O conference held; and the next day, the world experiences a completely new makeover of its social network site ‘Google Plus’ user interface. User Interface/ User eXperience (UI/UX), this is something we should talk about. Believing that you all remember the comments from the internet critics about the huge […]

Twitter Singing from now at #music

Twitter’s music app is finally live to the public on this Thursday. Twitter #Music, as the service is known, uses Twitter option to find new singers, musical artists, music-related tweets of highlight musicians and show which musical artists your favorite musicians follow on Twitter. #Music allows users to easily listen to songs and tweet songs to […]

Facebook Ads

Facebook has emerged from being a social networking site to a social ‘product’ advertisement networking site. Hence, on Friday, FACEBOOK started using our photos in advertisements that will appear on the profile of our contacts/ friends. It is legal and was mentioned to us when we open/ create a new account. You didn’t notice that? […]