wireless application protocol (wap)

How does Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Works?

This post has the most simple and quick video presentation of how a wireless application protocol or WAP works. In simple words, it shows how the mobile phones communicated with the server when internet is accessed. Though the video dates back to 1999 – 2000, the present day mobile networks works the same way except […]

Dell Inspiron 15r 5521 3427U/i5/4gb/1tb

Dell Inspiron 15r 5521 3427U/i5/4gb/1tb – Unboxing & Review

Today we are going to look into the new Dell Inspiron 15r 5521 unboxing and short review. This everyday use laptop costs Rs. 44,700/- including all taxes and a back-pack as usual. Seriously, a laptop at this cost should have been better. . The first glance The metallic finish is eye-catchy definitely. This series comes […]

Unpacking Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000

This time its Microsoft LifeCam HD-6000. It is priced at INR.2300 and comes with a 3 years ‘Limited Warranty’.  In this post i’ll carry on an unboxing of Microsoft Lifecam HD-6000, especially made for notebooks and laptops.  Our first view will be the packing. The left image below, view from front face and the other […]

Unboxing Samsung S22B370

Today i got Samsung SyncMaster S22B370 LED monitor; cost is INR9,100. In this post, I’ll post my photos while unboxing it and a petite review on how it is. The packed box is about 4kgs but the actual weight is about 1.8kgs with good amount of thermacol. On the box, information like model name, hdmi, […]