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Useful links: Part 1

Mockup Designer – A super-easy-to-use mockup tool- Holmes, a stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class- Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes and much more user-friendly- Rainbow, a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript- Visual Effects with CSS3 […]

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Disable right click and copy paste using Javascript

This is for those who want to stop the uninvited guest, doing unwanted things on your site. The below code will helps you to protect your website’s content from being copied by totally disabling the right click on your website. JAVASCRIPT Copy paste this code in HEAD tag

HTML Add this code in the […]

Its Live, Online

Here is an amazingly simple and functional script that all web designers/developers will probably start using instantly. Live.js, one script closer to designing in the browser. Once included to a web page, auto-refreshes it automatically if there is an update to the files used. Simply, when you are editing your HTML, CSS or JS code, […]

User Interface – KendoUI

Kendo UI is an HTML5, jQuery-based framework for building modern web apps. The framework features more than a dozen UI components, including a Grid and Chart, and all of the tools needed for a HTML5 app development, such as Data Binding, Templating, Drag-and-Drop API, and more. When you start building with Kendo UI, you have the core […]

user interface

Color your Code

When code is a poetry and its beautiful, show it off with colors. Rainbow,  written in Javascript;  a code syntax highlighting light weight, easy to use, theme-able library.   <<Home page>> | <<Download library>> Thanks for reading this post and as usual, I’m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course). Do comment on!

A flexible jQuery slider with multiple effects

Rhinoslider – A flexible jQuery slider/slideshow with multiple effects Rhinoslider is a flexible multiple effects jQuery slider/slideshow. It can be used as a simple fading or sliding jQuery slideshow or as a rich effects jQuery slider. Each effect can be applied to run in different directions and it is possible to create individual effects by […]

Simple drop down menu with Jquery

This post is a forward step of my earlier post (can be found here) where we used purely HTML and CSS. In this post we will look into a similar multi-level drop down menu with very little Jquery. We start with our code… Startup file inclusion

From above, ‘style.css’ is for our styling purpose […]