responsive website desiging with server side component

Responsive Website Design (RWD) Vs Responsive Design Server Side Components (RESS)

It was the time, when we started using smartphones with the ability to display websites and web pages along with the GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) / Internet/ WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) that went hand-in hand; the need for mobile specific website design came into existence. From then on the mobile platform and mobile and […]

adobe edge reflow

Adobe Edge Reflow (experimental) – after use review

Few days ago I decided to try Adobe Edge Reflow after introductory and tutorial videos on Youtube (I’ve listed the links) I was pretty much interested to try my hands on Adobe’s new product. And here is what felt about it. Presentation Introduction Tutorial Core Well, after getting impressed by the presentation and tutorials, I […]

useful links

Useful links: Part 1

Mockup Designer – A super-easy-to-use mockup tool- Holmes, a stand-alone diagnostic CSS stylesheet that can highlight erroneous HTML(5) markup by adding one class- Chosen is a JavaScript plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes and much more user-friendly- Rainbow, a code syntax highlighting library written in Javascript- Visual Effects with CSS3 […]


A Simple Cufon tutorial

Cufon text, a way to display different, stylish typos on to your web page/ website. Because, in Web design, also in User Interface design fonts play a major role in beautification of the whole design layout. In the Web 2.0 almost every website is rendered with nice fonts so that the whole website looks beautiful […]


IE Emulate meta tag

Most of the front-end developers know that Microsoft IE is the most difficult browser to handle the desired design/ layout of a web page/ site. And if you are one of them caught off guard by this and haven’t had time to test your sites in IE8 or IE7, don’t lose sleep; you can make […]

copy paste disable no right click

Disable right click and copy paste using Javascript

This is for those who want to stop the uninvited guest, doing unwanted things on your site. The below code will helps you to protect your website’s content from being copied by totally disabling the right click on your website. JAVASCRIPT Copy paste this code in HEAD tag

HTML Add this code in the […]

Text-Indent: Indented

Intial Idea was of Scott Kellum Promoted by Zeldman We all are very much familiar with the -9999px image replacement technique has been popular for the best part of a decade. To replace a text element with an image, you use the following code:

The element’s background is displayed and it’s text is […]

Simple drop down menu with Jquery

This post is a forward step of my earlier post (can be found here) where we used purely HTML and CSS. In this post we will look into a similar multi-level drop down menu with very little Jquery. We start with our code… Startup file inclusion

From above, ‘style.css’ is for our styling purpose […]