PHP code execution in WordPress text widget

Starting directly on the issue 🙂 ; The below code snippet is for executing PHP code in the WordPress text widget. This snippet goes into ‘functions.php’ of a WordPress theme. The first thing we are doing is, add_filter() so that we specify from which widget we get the code/ data. Hence, add_filter( ‘widget_text’, < functionName […]

sucuri plguin for malware check

Malware that may cause Google to blacklist your website – Update

Are you facing the issue of Google blacklisting your or your clients’ website? Yes? I too experienced the same. Then you must probably look for this below blocks of code. The bad code! >:o The code, what possibly does is redirects to a non-existing website address/ link which causes the affected website to get blacklisted […]

WordPress business account

Its a great news from Automattic’s has launched its ‘ Business‘. The ‘ business’ account will cost $299/site/year, which comes with add-ons includes advanced design tools bundled package supporting custom web fonts, CSS editing options, elegant color palette, premium themes and unlimited storage for videos, more over with live chat support. This business users […]