Blue screen of death

Hello everyone! Its been a long time since i published my last post. Sorry, delay was due to the work i had. All right!

In this post we are going to talk about the blue screen of death. Yes the Windows operating systems’ blue screen. Recently, i bought a whole new set of CPU (motherboard, Processor, RAM, hard disk, etc) and probably you know about my display unit which i published its first use here. I installed Windows XP at first (one of my favorite operating system, for, ease of use and hospitality! šŸ™‚ ).

The issue
Anyways, it was working fine for the first week and suddenly it started to hang without any reason. There were no programs and/ or applications which could be a cause for the freezing. It was neither the processor fan nor overclocking; but kept freezing every now and then and Windows XP started to scan my drive (chkdsk) everytime it started the PC. I got confused about the reason behind.

Application of stress
Hence, thought of putting my hardware and operating system into stress test using Prime95 which i downloaded from here. I let it run for 2 hours and found everything fine it didn’t hang either. Still my mind was in ambiguous state behind this problem. This freezing led to corruption of few files on which i was working for hours and its also pretty dangerous for the hard disk of frequently turning off the PC all of a sudden. Then, i suspected on Windows XP being the culprit behind this, so, i installed Windows 7. Unfortunately it did not make any difference; the same continued… But the good news was that it (Windows 7) gave the blue screen which specified, ‘An clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor’ and blah blah blah.
blue screen of death
This screenshot is not mine because i didn’t have one.

The search begins
Obviously, my next step was to search for cause of this weird issue using the error message it displayed. Kept searching for couple of hours; read a lot of forums and found that almost 95% of the forums’ queries remained blank/ without any strong fixation of this issue. But for few members it was all fine after few days; they didn’t know how. Some said, ‘contact your manufacturer!’. But i was too lazy to take my PC to the place from where i bought.

Another search
After few weeks of frustration, i thought, ‘why shouldn’t i update my bios? That might solve the issue!’. Hence, I jumped into Intel’s website for finding bios update for my Intel DH67CL motherboard. Landed here. Downloaded the respective BIOS update according to my operating system and board specification.

At last got my bios update appropriate to my board, still i had doubt on my head about the effect of updating and/ or flashing the BIOS and getting rid off the sudden freezing problem. I carried on my installation process took about 2 – 5 seconds and asked for a restart. Proceeded with restarting, warm booted with a DOS screen saying, ‘Preparing to flash….’ and some time later ‘Flashing (…) done’. Forwarded with the operating system selection area and gave me a successful installation message box (the image).
bios update

I kept my PC running with all kinds of stuff i need to work with and also stress tested. Everything is fine from then and it never froze again. I’m happy with the solution and my non-stop PC. If you’re facing the same problem, you could try this option; but be careful while choosing your right bios only from my motherboard manufacturer’s website. Else you could end up in burning your bios with wrong bios update (which is a horrible nightmare). Also, if you have overclocked your processor, then you could try bringing down to normal and then look for the reaction of your hardware and if that does not help, you could go for a BIOS update, which i feel is mostly positive.

Thanks for reading this post and as usual, Iā€™m open to suggestion and critics (positive of course). šŸ™‚
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