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Everyone in this world wish that their work should bring them appreciation; case applies more on web designers since their work is demonstrated mostly on the web. Though there is no solid way to stop website visitors/ people from stealing (i mean copying ;)) images from your website, there are several things you can do to at least make it difficult. One of those ways is to disable the context menu that pops up when people right click on your website image. For a static or a non-CMS website you could use Javacript to achieve this.

But, we are going show how to add no right click (disable right click) on WordPress website’s images.

First, download and install No Right Click Images Plugin. Once you have it installed there is nothing more you need to do. The plugin uses Javascript to remove the context menu so that no one can click on your WordPress website’s images and save them. It has another interesting option of displaying an stop image when the visitor right clicks on the image. If you want to try, I’ve installed this plugin and it works perfectly. But, it’s true that if someone really wants to copy your images then there is no way of stopping them from, still at least you can make it a little difficult on them.

Download No Right Click Images WordPress Plugin.

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