Adobe Edge Reflow (experimental) – after use review

Few days ago I decided to try Adobe Edge Reflow after introductory and tutorial videos on Youtube (I’ve listed the links) I was pretty much interested to try my hands on Adobe’s new product. And here is what felt about it.




adobe edge reflow - styling optionsWell, after getting impressed by the presentation and tutorials, I downloaded Adobe Edge Reflow (now experimental version is available) from Adobe website, we need Adobe account for this). Below are the points I found after using it for designing two responsive layouts.


Plus Points

  • Clean interface and clearly classified option in tabs (Layout and Style)
  • Easy and quick to understand interface (once you’re through an introductory tutorial)
  • Complete control over the CSS properties like margin, padding, float, border, background (including gradient option), grid options, size, maximum height and width
  • Ability to define number of grids for every individual resolution
  • Option to set CSS property to all the regions/ resolutions at one click. And this is not mandatory
  • Easy box/ div highlighting option
  • CSS code quick copy option from status bar

adobe edge reflow - layout options

adobe edge reflow - different resolution indicator bar
The above are few points out of many to note the advantage of Adobe Edge Reflow. But there are few things I noted to be missing and could be added to make Edge Reflow more attractive and engaging in designing and/or developing new responsive websites.

Missing ones

  • First, the missing control over the class name and id for the box/div created. This could be a great help and will be much more interesting to work with. Adobe Edge Reflow gives us complete source (HTML & CSS) under ‘asset’ folder; at some point it might prove difficult to remember the names of the divs created (for when there are many). This is because Edge Reflow names the boxes/ divs created is like #box1, #box2, and so on.
  • Option for direct editing of CSS was missing. This could come handy at any point of designing.

adobe edge reflow - resolution settings
adobe edge reflow - css code

adobe edge reflow - box highlightConclusion
It is obvious that advantageous features are more and Adobe Edge Reflow still in development/ experimental stage and that’s a good news. I would definitely recommend every designer and even developers to try to use its full potential.
By the way, let’s wait for more update on the user interface and other features in the months to come.



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