A responsive e-commerce website: How to be

Merry Christmas to all of you!

I was (and still) busy with some projects I couldn’t be regular to my blog.
As every one of you know that it’s a time for high mobility as much as possible. And a website that supports mobile, better say multiple screen sizes to reach the right audience has become a quintessential. Recently I was scanning through some image search result of Google and the below infographic came into the light.

This infographic starts with some minimal statistics about the mobile usage and anatomy of a responsive website. I have to tell that, I was convinced with the infographic about how a responsive website should be and not just a multiple screen support and above that a website that sells products online (e-commerce website). Every important point for a responsive e-commerce website has been pointed out. Start from home page, the page header, its primary navigation, footer, logo, product image, other images and its navigation, ratings for the product, and so on…

infographic responsive ecommerce design
Infographic Responsive E-Commerce design

Find out why we need a responsive websites; forbes article.
Thanks to ‘WhoisHostingThis?’ for creating this.

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