A fine guide for designers from Airbnb – Update

Its been a long time I drafted this topic about Airbnb website, what goes behind designing their website and what are to be noted while designing. 6 points have been beautifully put forth by Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia, co-founder of Airbnb. A must read for every designers who are involved in UI (User Interface)/ UX (User eXperience) designing; be it a website or an application.

Basically, of what i have experienced and opinion, some designers often just fill up the space with what we (or the client) needs to put and say, ‘Voila! There’s the design’. For sure their designs can be flawless, you can kinda say ‘pixel-perfect’ but they miss out a much bigger dark space when the same design goes through the process of conversion from design (an image format) to a real world working application. They (few designers) do not really understand or take this point into consideration that

Design is not only defining where the images, text, controls, etc. to be sitting or how it looks or finding out whether the design is ‘Cool’ when you see; but even more important point is that they are the one who should define, how that interface is going to work.

Programmers/ developers work on the controls’ data, and how and what results are to be retrieved, shown and hidden as per the requirements. But its the designers who need to tell or show the developers/ development team that how the retrieved data is going to sneak into the design. In a technical way, the designers  need to discuss how the user interface should function when there is/are some interaction(s) from the user of that particular interface. This is the point a designer should work towards and because everyone wishes or wants to be famous.

And most of the time, this does not happen. I, at some points of time murmured, ‘Oh god! not again!’ when i got stuck at a part of an interface where programing does not work by way the user interface is defined. Then, you get back to designer or it becomes DIY (do it yourself), intimating the user (clients), waiting for approvals and so on… Well no more blah, blah. If you are on to designing and definitely you want your design to be awesome then keep these points tied to your fingers while designing your next project. You will feel happy, that’s sure.

Find out the 6 rock solid points of Joe Gebbia here at 99designs.com

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