15 Important URLs to be known by Google User

The Signup URL

The First and the Basic URL to start with Google Experience is:

Basically, you need not to literally go through this URL. All you need to do is go to www.google.com and try to become or access any service provided by them.


Your preferences are our money

Many of us know that Google earns from its money making program called ‘Adword’. And this Adword need to understand the website visitors or browsers about their preferences and interests based on the searches they (visitors) do. So to do that Google has to track visitors’/browsers’ behavior in order to show ads more relevant to the visitors’ interest.

Fortunately, good boy Google gives it’s logged in users to customize the ads shown on the websites you’re visiting through this URL. Under this you will come across age, gender and your preferences. With which Google creates a profile that is based on the websites you visit. Go through this URL to understand, ‘What you are to Google?’ and ‘How much does you cost to Google?’.


Export them

You suddenly woke up and realize that a large chunk of your life has been pawned to Google all through these years of your Google services usage. Then, this URL can make you breathe easy. Google allows its users to download data (I didn’t say ‘all data’) from its products/services that includes contacts, Gmail messages and chats, +1ed links, Google+ circles, Bookmarks, Google photos and even your YouTube videos. But let me warn you, be prepared for a whole lot GBs of data… 🙂


Was that legal? Absolutely…

This URL will let you file a complaint in the event you find your content being used or copied without permission on a Google website. A Blogger, Adsense, Google+ or YouTube – you can file a DMCA complaint with Google against that site for that content. By this we can also remove websites from Google search results.


Wherever I went

If you have the habit of tagging places in your images or location update in Google service(s) then you should be aware of this URL. All these location tagging can be done by your smartphones (Android and Google Now for iOS app). Google Location history creates a private map of where you go with your logged-in devices in order to provide improved map searches, travel routes, and much more. And these so called ‘history’ is available only if you have ever enabled this option. All of your locations can be exported by KML files.


We create history everyday…

Everybody creates history everyday; some delete and some don’t; few create with their logged in Google account. Apart from browser history, Google actually keeps your all your keywords searched with or without your click “I’m feeling lucky”. They even keep a log of every ad that you have clicked on various Google websites.


The cobweb

Google policies says that as a Google user you need to login/access your account at least once in 9 months (pointed our here). Else, your account is gone. If you have any plan of not using your Google account or in any adverse case the Inactive Account Manager will allow to setup/ configure the timeout period to alert about the termination of your account, you can even share your data with trusted person, if you are willing. The last option is to say, ‘Google delete’. But one thing is not sure if this is available for Google Apps.


For better understanding, read this.

A curtain of “you’re being tracked”

Everybody is concerned with privacy and security; you’re one them. The URL directs you to recently used devices. Depending on the device (desktop by Operating system/ mobile), you will have information about browsers, location by city and country name (approximate) and last used date and time.


You connected with us

Single Sign-off (SSO) is a trend. Most of the websites and/or apps uses it as a quick sign up tool. And Google account is of no exception. Login with your Google or Gmail (whatever they call it) account. If the permission level says “access to basic account info”, it basically means that you have used your Google account to sign-in to that app. You may get this long list under this Apps connected section. Information you get under this section will be based on the website and/ or devices and/or mobile apps. The best part is the option of revoking the access.



What if you don’t remember your admin password of Google Work service? I know that can’t happen still! Don’t panic!

This is one of the important URLs for Google Apps users. If you have trouble signing into Google Account , use this secret link to reset your admin password. You’ll be asked to verify your domain name by creating a CNAME record in your DNS.


Note: In the About URL Replace TopLevelDomain.ext in the above URL with your own web domain name.

Watch the video to understand better:

And if it’s not the password causing the problem, then this link might help you out.


Well, there are obviously so many URL/links that are handy when needed. If you like to explore more links and options you can visit https://myaccount.google.com/privacy. Google is massive and day-by-day it is growing bigger and so their services and features.


Post Author: Shreyo

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