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Latest Technologies That Can Transform The World

We have seen vast bounds in digital equipment in past 5 years. Smart phones, multi-touch tablets and cloud computing are innovations which revolutionized the method you living and function. Technology will acquire even good. In future, you could live similar how individuals in science fiction films performed. The below are three upcoming products which is set […]


Birth & Rise of Google

GOOGLE – a word everyone knows. Google has replaced the word ‘Search’ with ‘Google it’! That’s power. And Google Inc. has become undoubtedly the most influential companies among the world. Why not? Google search receives 3.5 Billion queries per day. In 1997 was registered officially and followed by Google image search in the year […]

A reference guide to Google Advanced Search

Joseph Becher puts down all the possible ways to retrieve desired result from Google’s advanced search option by using its basic, advanced and SEO based operators, search URL parameters, calculator guide and image search parameter. A must go-though reference and a guide for everyone who use Google now and then. The Link: Google advanced search […]

Google search on your Mobile

Everyone knows that Google is the one of the Top Search Engine on World Wide Web (Internet). We search and get get results in a matter of milliseconds just by typing our search word in the Google search box and hitting either ‘Google Search’ or ‘I am Feeling Lucky’. This is the method most of […]