First-hand on TwentyThirteen theme in WordPress 3.6

In this post you will have a first-hand look of new TwentyThirteen WordPress theme.




The above screenshot is the default home page with latest posts displayed.



One impressive item in the new twentythirteen wordpress theme is the usage of icons of visual appeal and indeed it looks great.



The search bar is kept as usual like its ancestors (twentyeleven and twentytwelve) wordpress themes with on focus animated to width increase.



The bold footer of the wordpress twentythirteen theme.


The sticky footer issue, which is expected to be fixed. 🙂



The screenshot of default ‘category’ and ‘archive’ page of the new wordpress theme.



The fixed header!



Expectation of page templates! It could have been nice if it have multiple page templates.



Finally, the header option of new wordpress twentythirteen theme.


And as usual, thanks for reading and keep commenting! :)



Post Author: Shreyo

is a developer & involved in project management; loves to learn, guide and keep himself updated on UI/UX and WordPress. He is also an amateur photographer mostly macro shots.